I am an analytical thinker and passionate leader who is motivated by challenges. I chose computer science as my field of study because, while analytical, it requires creativity and cleverness. Sometimes problems have many different solutions. I see innovative solutions to these problems as their own form of art. While in school I hope to develop the talents needed to face the future’s big problems. I want to find a way to use my programming, problem solving, and leadership skills to make the world a better place. I enjoy impossible situations, and I view pressure as a privilege.

Outside of school I enjoy playing music and backpacking. Jazz music is a big passion of mine. I love to practice playing my guitar in my free time. In a lot of ways, I see programming like music. At the basic level, music is just notes, rhythms, and harmonies just as code consists of basic syntax like variables, conditionals, loops, and operators. However, when you deeply understand the fundamentals of both practices you can create anything you want.

I also love to backpack because of the adventure that comes with it. It is a great challenge in which you have to rely on yourself. A backpacker’s resourcefulness, efficiency, and cleverness is always rewarded. In some ways, this also relates to computer science. As at its core computer science rewards simplicity and cleverness.